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  1. Finance__c Object which is associated with Contact Object.on finance__c table we have a lookup to contact,so when the MailingAddress is blank on the contact which is associated to the Finance__C table!we doesn't need to allow the user to send particular contract if the related contact MailingAddress is blank! We have a custom button(Send to finance)on Finance__c table,so on the custom button itself we can write our javascript logic to show error message,and now my requirment is when the user see this particular message he doesnt need to go back to the particular contact and fill the missing MailingAddress, on the button itself we have to provide some navigation to the particular contact(just like a URL)

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  2. can we print the exchange rate of the currency to a Billing_system__c table when a record is created on Billing_system__c ,i have a custom column(Bill_exchange__c) on Billing_system__c table,i like to print the exchange rate when Billing_system__c table picklist value is set to 'negotiation',the problem is, here we consider currency as a Metadata.

    Any suggestions or if you have any sample code please share with me.

    Thanks in Advance.

  3. I am fresher in SFDC. I have to do App builder certification.So which material i should refer.or any dumps available for this exam because i dont have any sample quation for preparation.

  4. examles of standard objects and custom objects,any one plz explain this?

    1. Standard objects are those object which are alrady present in your ord i.e. the objects which are provided by salesforce itself eg. Account,Contact etc..
      Custom Object are those objects which user itself creates as per the requirement.

  5. in a Picklist 3 values are there A,B,C.I have 3 users u1,u2,u3.Scenario is Assign A to U1,B to U2,C to U3 .I hav to achieve through Apex Coding

    1. you can achieve above functionality through Record types.

  6. Hi all there is a requirment to genrate a word document by using visualforce page. but my page contain images while geting page to word document images are not displaying . if anybody knows solution please provide .

  7. How to Create list Sub-Tab under Tabs(Custom objects)?if you click sub tab it should give you new application form.
    can any one explain with scenario?
    Master--Main tab(custom)
    |---->store tab---new application should come when it is pressed
    |---->drugs tab---new application should come when it is pressed
    |---->Adress tab---new application should come when it is pressed

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  9. is any one got dumps for sales force certification for admin. next week i am planing to give exam in uk.

  10. All Contact display with radio button and when one row select then only selected row redirect to custom VF Edit Page and Update this record

  11. Case object has three record types - sc, sr and st
    Lineitem is custom object there is lookup relationship between case and LineItem
    parent- case created with sc
    Child-case created with sr
    Grand Child- case created with st
    when sc is created one line item is created.
    if sc case updated ,update line item with sc data
    if sr case created ,update line item with sr data(overwrite the same line item record)
    if st case created ,update line item with st data(overwrite the same line item record)

    when the case(SR and ST) status changed to Rejected I have revert back value of Line Item to Parent Case' s value.
    If SR is rejected , SC(Parent case) Value should be updated in Line Item
    if ST is rejected ,SR(Parent case) Value should be updated in Lineitem.

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  13. Hi,

    this is regarding handling batch apex.

    through an integration we are receiving more than 50000 records into a separate object.

    we need to perform a sum of the fields received based upon conditions.

    in pex controller of lightning side.

    enabling a check if(recordcount>50000)

    calling a batch apex , there we need to create a query like below in start method of apex.

    it would be like string query = 'select sum(field) from object group by(id)'

    the consition would be like(if (multiselect fielf)!=null{

    query=query +'having multiselect picklist : IN value selected');

    and then would change into integer the count accordingly.

    here the issue is we are using a aggregate query which needs to have group by and then we can only use having clause which can be used only on aggregate conditions, i couldnt figure out where the issue is.
    this query is giving me night mares.please help.

  14. Universal Containers has set the organization-wide default settings for accounts to private. Amy and bob are on separate sales teams, but are assigned tot he same role in the hierarchy. Amy is a member of the “Sales West” public group and needs access to all accounts owned by Bob, a member of the “Sales East” group. How would an administrator grant Amy access to only Bob’s accounts?

  15. why statefull is used in batchclass Apex?

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  17. Hi Srinu sir,

    I have a requirement to collaborate chatter in my custom App.

    I need to create Rich Publisher App .Need help in creating lightning composition component and renderer component.

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