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Friday 26 December 2014

Fetching Record Type Id with Dynamic Apex

recordTypeInfo Utility Method
  public class MyUtility {
      @ Description -
      To fetch the RecordType Information of a certain Object.
      @Usage -
      Using this approach, we can avoid writing SOQL queries in apex class/test class to fetch the record type Id.

   /*** recordTypeInfo Utility Method ***/
   //Below method will take sObject API as input.
   public static Map recordTypeInfo(String objectApiName){
    Map sObjectMap = Schema.getGlobalDescribe() ;
    Schema.SObjectType sObjType = sObjectMap.get(ObjectApiName) ;
    Schema.DescribeSObjectResult sObjTypeDescribe = sObjType.getDescribe() ;
    //returns all the record types info for a certain object
    return sObjTypeDescribe.getRecordTypeInfosByName();
  //---End of the Logic---Please ignore remaining lines---

recordTypeInfo Utility Method - Usage
  /*** recordTypeInfo Utility Method - Usage ***/

  //To retrieve the recordTypeId of a RecordType 'Sample Record Type' which belongs to 'Case' object.
  Id sampleRtId = MyUtility.recordTypeInfo('Case').get('Sample Record Type').getRecordTypeId();

  //Result: 'sampleRtId' will fetch the recordTypeId of 'Sample Record Type' record type.

Thursday 5 June 2014

Avoid duplicate string values in the collection 'Set' or 'Map Keys' while adding strings with different cases

When, Set allows duplicates?

Set<String> nameSet = new Set<String>;

Map<String,String> cityMap = new Map<String,String>;
cityMap .put('Newyork', USA);
cityMap .put('newyork',US);
cityMap .put('NEWYORK','America');

From the above examples, nameSet and cityMap allows all the three values because set and map key treat the values with different case as different values that means set string values are case-sensitive.

How to avoid?
Use the below method before adding string value to set or map key.

//Generic method to search a string from set of strings and which will ignore case-sensitive
public static Boolean isStrExists(Set<String> strSet,String searchStr) {
        Boolean isTrue = false;
        if(strSet != null && strSet.size() > 0) {
            for(String strVal : strSet) {
                if(strVal.equalsIgnoreCase(searchStr)) {
                    isTrue = true;
        return isTrue;

How to use above method?

Saturday 22 February 2014

Avoid focus on date field

When will focus come to date field on a visualforce page load?
If the first field is the date field then whenever user try to open the visualforce page focus will be on date field.
Note: If you have pick list field as the first field then focus won't be on that field. Example if you have two pick list fields followed by date field then focus will be on date field not on pick list fields.

What to do?
Add below line of code to your visualforce page.
<script>function setFocusOnLoad() {}</script>