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  1. what is Lead ASSIGNMENT rule

    1. Assignment Rules can be created only on the following objects -
      1. Lead
      2. Case

      Lead Assignment Rules -
      Whenever a lead is submitted through 'Web to Lead' from or some other source to change the ownership of a lead to some other user or queue based on a certain criteria 'Assignment Rule' will be configured.

      Note -
      1. At a time only one assignment rule can be activated though we can create multiple assignments rules.
      1. Inside an assignment rule we can maintain multiple entries to maintain multiple conditions to change the ownership.

  2. What is the difference between StandardListController and StandardSetController?

    1. StandardListController -
      For a Visualforce page if both 'standardController' attribute and 'recordSetVar' attribute is included then we can call it as 'StandarListController'.
      Visualforce Page Example (Name: StandarListController) -
      apex:page standardController="Account" recordSetVar="accounts"
      Notes -
      1. Above page we can call as 'StandarListController' page.
      2. for 'recordSetVar' I have given 'accounts' you can keep any name as you wish.
      3. 'accounts' holds all the account records (salesforce will query the records internally).
      4. Per page it will display only 20 records if you want to see the next set of records then we should implement the pagination with 'StandardSetController'.
      StandardSetController -
      For a 'StandarListController' if you want to use extension class, it should be having a constructor which accepts 'ApexPages.standardSetController'.
      Extension Class Example -
      public class StandarListControllerExt {
      public StandarListController(ApexPages.standardSetController con) {
      Notes -
      1. Above class has a parametrized constructor which accepts 'ApexPages.standardSetController'.
      2. If you don't maintain the class like this you cannot use it as an extension for the above page.
      3. 'StandardSetController' has many inbuilt methods to achieve the pagination -
      1. First
      2. Next
      3. Previous
      4. Last
      5. hasPrevious
      6. hasNext
      --Many more: please refer the saleforce documentation.

  3. If there are two workflows(WF1 and WF2) working on two fields(F1 and F2) in such a way that they create a deadlock situation. Lets say W1 updates field F1 to F1+1 when there is a change in F2 and similarly, W2 updates field F2 to F2+1 when there is a change in F1. Both the workflow have the Re-evaluate workflows after field update flag set to true. Then how will SFDC take care of this situation?

    1. You will end up with exceptions due to recursive workflow rules.
      We need to take the following precautions -
      1. Recommended to choose evaluation criteria as 'Created and Edited to subsequently meet the criteria.'

  4. 1. What is System.RunAs ()?

    2. Explain Test.setPage ()?

    3.One object (s1) & 3 tasks (t1, t2, t3) are there. Each task performing discount related stuff. Write a trigger that should calculate the sum of 3 tasks. And if any task is modified than trigger should fire automatically & perform the same.

    4. We have 3 objects Account, Contact, Opportunity. In a VF page, we need to display the names of contact & Opportunity which are related to Account.

  5. Can we fetch the schedule apex results after execute the scheduled job successfully ?

  6. Replies
    1. Applications developed on salesforce platform will be hosted in AppExchange. In AppExchange, if the customers find any application as per their requirements, they can install in their organizations.

      Apps can be paid or free.

  7. Hi Srinu,

    What are the releasing notes of spring 16?

  8. What is the order of execution of Visualforce page?

  9. Hi Srinu,

    How to export csv file for any object using VFpages?

  10. Can we fetch child field(number) value in Parent field(formula)?

  11. How to pass the parameters which are in the url to the vfpage?

    thanks in advance

  12. where we can able to see deactivated users data

  13. Hi Srinu,
    Could please tell the right answer for the question:

    What is a method for adding content to Salesforce CRM Content?
    Choose 2 answers
    a. Attachments
    b. Chatter files
    c. Libraries
    d. Documents

    Some websites say -Chatter file, Documents AND some say Chatter files , Libraries.
    What do you thing is correct? Please Answer.


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  14. flow vs process builder?
    where you write a trigger when you want to update a contact when a field is changed on Account?
    what is trigger.newmap?
    what is a constructor ?
    profile vs role?
    when a vfpage accessed I need to update a field on the page how you do it?
    how you delete a user record?
    These are the questions asked in today's interview please update your questions if there are any new questions from my above questions.

  15. what is CRM.How salesforce helps on it?

  16. Wt are the custom settings in sf.and how its useful?

  17. What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

  18. Plz give scenarion based admin and developer interview questions

  19. what is the difference between wrokflow and processbuilder

  20. What is the difference between static and non static variables and methods