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Admin 201 Sample Questions 21 - 80

jQuery UI Tabs - Default functionality

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21.) Which data can be highlighted in a report using conditional highlighting?
Choose 3 answers
  1. Grand totals
  2. Summarized totals
  3. Date fields
  4. Grouped by field names
  5. Summary formulas

22.) Which circumstance will prevent a system administrator from deleting a custom field?
  1. The field is used in a workflow field update.
  2. The field is used in a report.
  3. The field is used in a page layout.
  4. The field is part of a field dependency.

Ans: A

23.) Sales management at Universal Containers needs to display the information listed below on each account record.
  • Amount of all closed won opportunities
  • Amount of all open opportunities

Which feature should a system administrator use to meet this requirement?
  1. Cross-object formula fields
  2. Calculated columns in the related list
  3. Roll-up summary fields
  4. Workflow rules with field updates

Ans: C

24.) What is a capability of Salesforce knowledge?
Choose 2 answers
  1. Knowledge automatically creates a solution for each new article.
  2. Knowledge uses data categories and roles to make articles visible to specific users.
  3. Knowledge only allows a single article type actross all data categories.
  4. Knowledge allows an organization to share articles with partner portal users.

25.) What item appears in a user's My Unresolved Items after synchronization using Salesforce for Outlook?
Choose 2 answers
  1. Notes not associated to a record
  2. Emails not associated to a record
  3. Contacts not assigned to an account
  4. Cases not assigned to a contact

26.) Which statement about sharing rules is true?
Choose 2 answers
  1. Sharing rules open up access to records.
  2. Sharing rules are required in public read/write organizations.
  3. Sharing rules grant delete access to records.
  4. Sharing rules grant record access to roles and public groups.

Ans: A, D

27.) The administrator at Universal Containers will create a custom field to track a specific Tier 2 support user on a case record.
What data type should be used when creating this custom field?
  1. Hierarchical relationship
  2. Lookup filter
  3. Lookup relationship
  4. Formula

Ans: C

28.) What feature allows a user to group campaigns within a specific marketing program or initiative?
  1. Campaign members
  2. Campaign influence
  3. Campaign lists
  4. Campaign hierarchy

29.) Universal Containers wants to create a custom object to capture account survey data. Users must be able to select an account from the survey record. Users also need the ability to view related surveys on the account record.
How should the system administrator meet these requirements?
Choose 2 answers
  1. Create a lookup relationship field on the account object.
  2. Add the account related list to the survey page layout.
  3. Create a lookup relationship field on the survey object.
  4. Add the survey related list to the account page layout.

Ans: C, D

30.) When can a validation rule be used to prevent invalid data?
Choose 3 answers
  1. When records are deleted by a user
  2. When records are imported
  3. When records are edited by a user
  4. When records are updated by a workflow rule
  5. When records are submitted using web-to-lead

Ans: B, C, E

31.) What is affected by changing the default locale setting for an organization?
  1. Time Zone
  2. Currency
  3. Language
  4. Date fields

32.) Where can be conditional highlighting be used?
Choose 2 answers
  1. Enhanced list views
  2. Matrix Reports
  3. Summary reports
  4. Tabular reports

33.) When converting a lead, how can an administrator capture custom lead data on the converted contact?
  1. Map custom lead fields to custom contact fields.
  2. Use the lead conversion wizard to select the fields.
  3. Use the data loader to move the custom lead data.
  4. Map custom lead fields to standard contact fields.

Ans: A

34.) Criteria-based sharing rules can be created for which objects?
Choose 3 answers
  1. Opportunities
  2. Contacts
  3. Accounts
  4. Users
  5. Campaign Members

Ans: A, C, D

35.) What will occur when a system administrator creates a dynamic dashboard?
  1. The dashboard components resize based on the device used to view the dashboard.
  2. The data displayed varies based on the user viewing the dashboard.
  3. The dashboard refreshes automatically whehever the underlying data changes.
  4. The dashboard automatically sends an email when the underlying data changes.

36.) Which feature license can be assigned to a user record in Salesforce?
Choose 2 answers
  1. Service Cloud User
  2. Console User
  3. Knowledge User
  4. Opportunity User

37.) A sales user at Universal Containers has updated the opportunity stage for an opportunity in the pipeline.
What may be updated as a result of the stage change?
Choose 2 answers
  1. Sales quota
  2. Forecast category
  3. Account rating
  4. Probability

38.) How can a system administrator add users to a Salesforce organization using Chatter Free?
Choose 2 answers
  1. Assign Chatter Free licenses to existing Salesforce users.
  2. Enable invites to allow users to invite others within specified email domains.
  3. Create users in the organization and assign them a Chatter Free license.
  4. Assign Chatter Free licenses to users outside the specified email domains.

39.) How can a system administrator grant users access to dashboards?
Choose 2 answers
  1. Designate running users.
  2. Share folders with public groups.
  3. Share folders with roles.
  4. Create and share data categories.

Ans: B, C

40.) What does a custom report type determine?
Choose 2 answers
  1. The objects that are available when building a report
  2. The report format of the resulting report
  3. The custom summary formulas displayed in a resulting report
  4. The fields that can be used as columns when building a report

41.) Universal Containers currently assigns its users from the facilities and IT teams to the same profile. Universal Containers recently created a custom object to track company cars and wants only users from the facilities team to have access to this new object.
How can an administrator meet this requirement?
  1. Create a custom profile for users on the facilities team.
  2. Modify the standard profile currently shared by both teams.
  3. Assign the facilities team to a new role in the role hierarchy.
  4. Configure field-level security on the new object for the facilities team.

Ans: A

42.) Which statement is true regarding the answers community?
Choose 2 answers
  1. Data categories control access to articles and questions.
  2. Unanswered questions are automatically escalated to new cases.
  3. Community experts must be internal Salesforce users.
  4. Answers can be displayed externally on a customer or partner portal.

43.) A time-dependent action is placed in the workflow queue when the record is created.
When will the action be removed from the queue?
Choose 2 answers
  1. When another record triggers the same workflow rule
  2. When the record no longer matches the rule criteria
  3. When a validation rule is triggered for the record
  4. when the action is deleted from the workflow queue

Ans: B, D

44.) A system administrator at Universal Containers needs to mass update the lead source on a number of opportunity records.
How can this be accomplished?
Choose 2 answers
  1. Export opportunities and update using the import wizard.
  2. Export opportunities and update using the data loader.
  3. Create a list view for opportunites and update using inline editing.
  4. Use similar opportunities to update the opportunities.

Ans: B, C

45.) The sales team at Universal Containers wants an easy solution to gather customer requirements and share presentations with their customers
What should an administrator do to help the sales team achieve this goal?
Choose 2 answers
  1. Add customers to private Chatter groups.
  2. Create opportunity teams for customers.
  3. Add customers to libraries.
  4. Use Chatter files to share presentations.

46.) How can a sales user relate an opportunity to a campaign?
Choose 2 answers
  1. Select the campaign record type when creating the opportunity.
  2. Select the primary campaign source for the opportunity.
  3. Use the campaign influence related list on the opprotunity.
  4. Use the campaign hierarchy related list on the opportunity.

47.) Universal Containers requires that the organization-wide default for opportunities be set to public read/write. However, sales users are complainging that reports return too many results, making it difficult to find their team's opportunites in the report results.
How can the system administrator address this problem?
  1. Update the sharing rules to limit user access to certain opportunities.
  2. Move the opportunity reports into each user's personal report folder.
  3. Move the opportunity reports into a folder with restricted access.
  4. Use the Show filter to filter report results and reduce records returned.

Ans: D

48.) A user responsible for managing and creating is unable to create a new campaign even though the user's profile has the "Create" profile permission for Campaigns.
How should a system administrator grant the correct access to the user?
  1. Grant the user delegated administration rights to campaigns.
  2. Select the Marketing User chekbox on the user record.
  3. Assign the user to the standard Marketing User profile.
  4. Create a campaign sharing rule to grant access to the user.

Ans: B

49.) What is a method for adding content to Salesforce CRM Content?
Choose 2 answers
  1. Chatter Files.
  2. Libraries.
  3. Documents.
  4. Attachments.

50.) Which dashboard component can display data from the summary rows of a report?
Choose 2 answers
  1. Table
  2. Gauge
  3. Chart
  4. Metric

Ans: B, D

51.) A user at Universal Containers reports an error message when attempting to log in. The administrator checks the user's login history, but there is no record of the attempted login.
What could be the cause of this issue?
  1. The user is attempting to log in with the wrong password.
  2. The user is attempting to log in outside of the profile login hours.
  3. The user is attempting to log in outside of the profile IP login range.
  4. The user is attempting to log in with the wrong username.

Ans: D

52.) Universal Containers uses web-to-case to convert support requests subitted through its website into cases. The support team would like Salesforce to automatically send an email containing password reset instructions to the customer when the case subject contains the words "forgot" and "password".
What does the administrator need to configure to meet this requirement?
  1. Auto-response rule
  2. Validation rule
  3. Email-to-Case.
  4. Support settings

Ans: A

53.) A sales executive at Universal Containers wants to be notified whenever high-value opportunities are created for hot accounts.
How should an administrator meet this requirement?
  1. Create an escalation rule based on the opportunity amount.
  2. Create an auto-response rule on the opportunity object.
  3. Create a validation rule that evaluates the account rating.
  4. Create a workflow rule on the opportunity object.

Ans: D

54.) What is the purpose of the AppExchange?
Choose 2 answers
  1. Customers can share and install apps published by Salesforce partners.
  2. Administrators can download and customize pre-buit dashboards and reports.
  3. Support users can install the Service Cloud console custom app.
  4. Partners can download accounts and contacts to collaborate on sales deals.

Ans: A, B

55.) Which statement is true regarding an approval process?
Choose 2 answers
  1. An assignment rule defines the approver for each process step.
  2. The approval history related list can be used to track the process.
  3. An approval action defines the result of record approval or rejection.
  4. A delegated approver can reassign approval requests.

Ans: B, C

56.) What must an administrator do when creating a record type?
  1. Set the field-level security for the record type.
  2. Create a new page layout for the record type.
  3. Add the record type to the required user records.
  4. Assign the record type to the appropriate profiles.

Ans: D

57.) What type of field allows users to input text, images, and links?
  1. Input area
  2. Text area(rich)
  3. Text and image area
  4. Text area.

Ans: B

58.) What should a system administrator consider when setting up Mobile Lite?
Choose 2 answers
  1. It allows access to all standard objects in the organization.
  2. It allows access to most custom objects in the organization.
  3. It must be enabled for the entire organization.
  4. Only recently viewed records are synchronized.

59.) Which statement about products and price books is true?
Choose 2 answers
  1. The standard and list price for a product can be listed in multiple currencies.
  2. A product can have a different list price in different price books.
  3. Price books that contain assets cannot contain products.
  4. Products without a price are automatically added to the standard price book.

60.) What can be done with a workflow field update action?
Choose 2 answers
  1. Apply a specific value to a field.
  2. Change the record type of a record.
  3. Update the value of a field on a child object.
  4. Update the value of a formula field.

Ans: A, B

61.) Universal Containers has two sales groups, Each group has its own unique sales process.
What is the best way to ensure that sales representatives have access to only the stages relevant to their sales process when working on opportunities?
  1. Roles
  2. Multi-select picklists
  3. Record Types
  4. Page layouts

Ans: C

62.) What premission is set in a user's profile?
Choose 3 answers
  1. Object Permisssions
  2. Marketing User
  3. Mass Email
  4. Active
  5. Run Reports

Ans: A, C, E

63.) What tab setting on a profile makes a tab NOT accessible on the All Tabs page or visible in any apps?
  1. Tab Hidden
  2. Default On
  3. Default Off
  4. Read-Only

Ans: A

64.) What should an administrator consider when setting up Case Feed?
  1. The Use Case Feed permission is automatically active for all profiles.
  2. Case Feed replaces the standard case detail page by default.
  3. Case Feed required the Service Cloud User feature license.
  4. Chatter Feed tracking must be enabled for the case object.

65.) Where can the multilingual solution feature be enabled?
Choose 2 answers
  1. Public Knowledge Base
  2. Salesforce Content
  3. Self-service portal
  4. Solution tab search

Ans: A, C

66.) Universal Containers wants to automatically back up all Salesforce data on a monthly basis.
Which tool can a system administrator use to meet this requirement?
  1. Data export service
  2. Analytic sanpshot
  3. Import wizard
  4. Scheduled report

Ans: A

67.) Universal Containers set the organization-wide defaults for cases to private. When a case is escalated, case ownership changes to a Tier 2 support agent.
How can a system administrator give the sales operations team read/write access to all escalated cases?
  1. Create an ownership-based sharing rule.
  2. Create a criteria-based sharing rule.
  3. Create a case assignment rule.
  4. Create a case escalation rule.

Ans: B

68.) Universal Containers needs to syncronize data between Salesforce and an external financial system.
How can a system administrator accomplish this?
  1. Use the data loader to upsert Salesforce records into the financial system.
  2. Use the data loader to match records between the systems.
  3. Use the Excel connector to export records from both systems into Excel.
  4. Use an external ID field to match records between the systems.

Ans: D

69.) The cloud scheduler has which capability
Choose 2 answers
  1. The cloud scheduler can be enabled at the user profile level.
  2. Salesforce can automatically propose multiple meeting times based on Salesforce user calendars.
  3. A custom logo can be added to the meeting request email sent to a contact or lead.
  4. The cloud scheduler allows users to view available meeting times on lead and contact calendars.

70.) Which statement about Chatter posts and comments is true?
Choose 2 answers
  1. Updates to the Chatter feed on a record are only visible to users with access to the record.
  2. Posts to a user's profile can be made private by clicking the lock icon.
  3. Posts to a user's profile are hidden from anyone below that user in the role hierarchy.
  4. Posts made to a user's profile are visible to all users in the organization.

Ans: A, D

71.) The marketing team at Universal Containers uses a web-to-lead form to capture leads from its website and a lead assignment rule to assign the leads to the appropriate sales representatives.
How can a system administrator ensure that all leads are handled even when they do not meet the assignment criteria?
  1. Specify a default lead owner.
  2. Specify a default lead creator.
  3. Create an escalation rule to route unassigned leads.
  4. Create a validation rule to route unassigned leads.

Ans: A

72.) What does the controlling field determine when field dependencies are being created?
  1. The values that appear in the dependent field
  2. The dependent fields that appear on a layout
  3. The default value populated in the dependent field
  4. The field-level security for the dependent field

Ans: A

73.) What will happen when a user attempts to log in to Salesforce from an IP address that is outside the login IP range on the user's profile but within the organization-wide trusted IP range?
  1. The user will not be able to log in at all.
  2. The user will be able to log in without activating the computer.
  3. The user will be able to log in after the computer is activated.
  4. The user will be able to log in after answering a security question.

Ans: A

74.) What can be transferred from one user to another user during a mass transfer of account records?
Choose 3 answers
  1. Open activities
  2. Open cases
  3. Closed activities
  4. Related custom object records
  5. Closed cases

Ans: A, B, E

75.) Which setting can a system administrator enable in the Salesforce user interface?
Choose 2 answers
  1. Chatter Messager for specific users
  2. Related list hover links
  3. Printable list views
  4. Customizable recent tags

Ans: B, C

76.) What can an administrator configure for users on the search results page?
Choose 3 answers
  1. Filters by which users can narrow down results
  2. Objects included in the search
  3. Fields being searched on for each object
  4. Columns displayed for each object
  5. Number of records displayed for each object

Ans: B, C, E

77.) Universal Containers is using a private sharing model. The US sales director needs full access to all records owned by the US sales representatives.
How can this be accomplished?
  1. Place the US sales director in a queue with the US sales representatives.
  2. Define a role hierarchy where the US sales representatives roll up to the US sales director.
  3. Define a role hierarchy where the US sales director rolls up to the CEO.
  4. Give the US sales director read/write/edit/delete object permissions on the profile.

Ans: B

78.) What is a capability of the Service Cloud (customer) portal?
  1. Customers can view and edit contacts related to their own accounts.
  2. Customers can log, view, edit, and close their own cases.
  3. The portal can be customized with corporate branding.
  4. The portal and its users can be created without additional licensing.

Ans: B, D

79.) Which functionality is available when using the data export service?
Choose 2 answers
  1. Include the vlaues of formula fields.
  2. Include attachments.
  3. schedule a recurring export.
  4. Export a subset or records for a given object.

Ans: B, C

80.) Universal Containers has two business groups, Products and Services. Both groups will be using opportunities to track deals, but different fields are required by each group.
How should a system administrator meet this requirement? Choose 2 answers
  1. Create two record types.
  2. Create two page layouts.
  3. Create two permission Sets.
  4. Create two Sales Processes.

Ans: A, B


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  11. 30.) When can a validation rule be used to prevent invalid data?
    Choose 3 answers

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    b. When records are imported
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    e. When records are submitted using web-to-lead

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