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Monday 22 May 2017

Salesforce Certified Developer – Spring ’17 Release Exam

1. Who can edit a user's favorites in Lightning Experience?
A. The system administrator
B. The user
C. The user's manager
D. Any user in the same profile
Ans: B
2. Which three actions does the Global Action Menu Support?
Choose 3 answers
A. Create records
B. Take notes
C. Create posts
D. Launch Visualforce
E. Delete records
Ans: A, B, D
3. When an old post with a file is shared in Lightning Experience, what happens to the file in the newly shared post?
A. The file is attached to the new post
B. A link to the old post is shared.
C. The file is not shared in the new post.
D. A link to the file is shared.
Ans: C
4. How many duplicate account records can be merged in Lightning Experience at once?
A.Up to 5
B.Up to 6
C.Up to 10
D.Up to 3
Ans: D 
5. Which three predefined values can be set with send email action?
Ans: A, B, C

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